Did You Have an Accident in the Orlando, FL Area?

Did You Have an Accident in the Orlando, FL Area?

See how an auto accident attorney can help you proceed

When you're recovering from a car accident, the last thing you want to do is learn legal work on the fly. Even if you don't plan to file a lawsuit, an injury attorney is an invaluable asset. Contact Jennifer M. Andrews in Orlando, FL to speak with an accident attorney about your situation. We can offer experienced legal advice on how to move forward.

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An accident attorney can simplify your recovery

In the aftermath of your accident, you'll need to work with a lot of different parties. You'll have to contact:

  • Your car insurance provider
  • An insurance adjuster
  • A third-party mechanic or auto body shop
  • Medical care providers
  • Your health insurance provider
There's quite a lot to manage. By hiring an accident attorney, you can lower your stress level and focus on your recovery.

Make sure you get the insurance compensation you need. Work with a competent car accident attorney in the Orlando, FL area. Call Jennifer M. Andrews today.